Saturday, 4 January 2014

1995-07-01 - Grant McLennan - Roskilde Festival Backstage, DK

Grant McLennan - Roskilde Festival, DK - 1995-06-27.-30.
Recorded backstage at Danish Radio's studio.

Recorded backstage at Danish Radio's studio.
[The Studio was located in an old barn]

master dat->cdr->eac (secure)->cdr->eac (secure)->flac

01. Do Your Own Thing (acoustic)
02. One Plus One (acoustic)

Danish Radio have always been present at the Roskilde Festival, and brought us many good live recordings. In the late 90's they introduced at backstage area called "Ko-stalden" (aka "The Barn"), here they would invite bands to come and play a song (or 2 or maybe 3) ... often these performances would be acoustic and something completely different from their main set. Most of these performances was later broadcasted on Danish Radio. The source for this is the original master DAT's.

Available for download via the soundcloud link in the player.

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