Friday, 17 October 2014

1977-06-15 - Television- Copenhagen Daddy's Dance Hall, DK

Television - Copenhagen Daddy's Dance Hall, DK - 1977-06-15
[audience recording]

Source: Unknown
Transfer: Unknown

1. See No Evil
2. Venus
3. Elevation
4. Foxhole
5. Little Johnny Jewel
6. Friction
7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
8. Marquee Moon
9. Satisfaction

Television’s first European tour

"The recording I received was "muddy" and boomy, rather quiet, with a lot of hiss.
I knocked back the bass a bit and tweaked the treble in CoolEdit 2000,
boosted the volume in Sound Forge and ran it through hiss removal in DART."
No further lineage or equipment info available.

Really great versions of Little Johnny Jewel, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and Marquee Moon

mp3 version -

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