Sunday, 2 November 2014

2014-10-30 - Steve Albini interview at Copenhagen Library, DK



Steve Albini interviewed by Peter Albrechtsen at Copenhagen Library, DK - 2014-10-30
[audience recording]

Source: ca11->sony pcm-m10
Transfer: sony pcm-m10->hd->cep->cdwav->mp3

01. Intro
02. Q01: How did it all start ?
03. Q02: How about the sound - Musician and sound designer ?
04. Q03: How to become a sound engineer ?
05. Q04: The Steve Albini sound yes/No ?
06. Q05: Is the song or the performance important ?
07. Q06: Tell us about Your studio and the process ?
08. Q07: The decline of the music bussiness - good ?

Questions from the audience
09. Q08: Can You listen to your products objectively ?
10. Q09: How do You like the White Stribes ?
11. Q10: How did You get the idea to use a loudspeaker cabinet ?
12. Q11: What is your thoughts mon playing at a Jazz Festival ?
13. Q12: Which of Your productions is closet to Your Heart ?
14. Outro

mp3 version -

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