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1999-07-02.+03.+04. - Suede - Roskilde Festival, DK

Suede - Roskilde festival, DK -1999-07-2.+3.+4.
[radio recording]
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1999-07-02 - Green stage

01. She 
02. By the Sea 
03. He's Gone 
04. Bodies  (Sex Pistols cover)
05. New Generation 
06. Starcrazy 
07. Saturday Night 

1999-07-03 - Orange stage

08. Metal Mickey *
09. Can't Get Enough 
10. Savoir Faire
11. Elephant Man 
12. Everything Will Flow 
13. Beautiful Ones 
14. Filmstar 
15. The Wild Ones 
16. She's in Fashion

1999-07-04 - Yellow stage

17. Killing of a Flashboy 
18. Implement Yeah 
19. My Insatiable One 
20. Europe Is Our Playground 
21. The 2 of Us 
22. The Chemistry Between Us 
23. Indian Strings 
24. Picnic by the Motorway 
25. Down 
26. The Sound of the Streets 
27. The Living Dead 
28. Saturday Night

Broadcasted partly on swedish and danish national radio in the autum of 1999.
* Broadcasted live on radio 1999-07-02.

NB! Nothing less than festival history is being made, when Suede this year enters Dyreskuepladsen at Roskilde.
This will be the opportunity to experience one of the biggest, best and most important English bands
of the 90’s with its energetic as well as emotional glamrock coming up no less than three times -
three days in a row on three different stages.
This musical hattrick came true at the request of Suede themselves, being very enthusiastic about Denmark and the Danish audience.
At the same time the band has on several occations emphasized its special relationship with its previous visits at the Roskilde festival,
of which the concert at the Green Stage in 1996 is pointed out as being the best Suede concert ever.
Suede now wishes to prove that the band in three rounds can follow up the previous concert-successes....

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