Tuesday, 28 July 2015

2007-11-24 - Dean & Britta - Copenhagen Apparatet, Dk [Secret Gig]

Dean & Britta (w/guests) - Copenhagen Apparatet, DK - 2007-11-24
[audeince recording]

source: 2 X behringer c-2 kondensatormics->M-Audio Microtrack (320 kbps mp3)
transfer: microtrack->cep->mp3cutter->mp3

01. Night Nurse
02. Since I Lay My Burden Down
03. Bonnie And Clyde
04. Strange
05. Tugboat
06. We're Not Supposed to Be Lovers
07. Moon Palace (w/Rune Hedemann from 1234)
08. You Turned My Head Around
09. Chinatown (w/Klaus Mandal from Learning from Las Vegas)
10. Ceremony (w/Nikolaj Nørlund)

From Dean and Brittas blog ...
"The next night found us playing a secret gig at a tiny little basement bar, and joined by a trio of Danish indie music luminaries, Rune, who sang “Moon Palace,” Klaus, who played most excellent guitar on “Chinatown,” and Nikolaj Norlund (of Trains and Boats and Planes), who sang “Ceremony.” Someone told Britta that Nikolaj was like the Danish Dean Wareham, but someone else said he was more like the Danish Leonard Cohen. What does that make me? Never mind. We drank a couple of mojitos, sold some T-shirts, and headed back out into the rain."

mp3 version - https://www.adrive.com/public/U7Gf8s/dean%20%26%20britta%20-%20copenhagen%20-2007-11-24.rar

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