Saturday, 12 December 2015

1995-06-30 - Jeff Buckley - Roskilde Festival, DK


Jeff Buckley - Roskilde Festival, DK - 1995-06-30
[pre fm recording]

source: pre-fm-DAT->master cd
transfer: master cd->Denon tapedeck->cd->dBpower->flac

01: So Real
02: Dream Brother
03: Eternal Life
04: Kick out the jams
05: Last Goddbye
06: What will you say
07: Band introes
08: Story
09: Lilac Wine
10: Mojo Pin
11: Grace
12: vancouver
13: Kanga-roo
14: Hallelulja

NB! This version has a longer story. I got this copy from a friend, who was at the Danish national radio
to mix some of his own live music for radio broadcast. My friend asked the engineer,
if the radio station still had a copy of the buckley roskilde show and they did. My friend got a copy
(this is in 1997). I borrowed the cd, which was a copy of the original DAT tape. I made a copy onto my 600$ Denon tape deck.
That tape was later (about two years) recorded back onto a computer and burned back to cd. So the linege is not perfect.
So if you have a problem with this do not download. The sound is still very good.
No station id, no nothing, except the music.

mp3 version -

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