Sunday, 20 December 2015

2003-05-29 - St. Thomas - Roskilde Gimle, DK

St. Thomas - Roskilde Gimle, DK - 2003-05-29
[soundboard recording]

source: soundboard->sharp md
transfer: stationary md->optical->hd->cep->cdwav->mp3

01. Love Is A Rose (Neil Young)
02. Be Cool Be Nice
03. Cowboy, Cowgirl - Moviestar, Moviestar
04. Ride
05. The Cool Song
06. Bookstore
07. Take A Dance With Me
08. Sunny Day
09. Sugarmilk Coffe
10. New Apartment
11. People In The Forest
12. Elephants Are Big!
13. A Long Long Time
14. Who'll Stop The Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
15. Into The Forest
16. Invitation
17. Institution

Performed solo by Thomas with his girlfriend Ilse filling in on tambourine and background vocals,
as drummer Karim Sayed had to leave the tour for one day to have a final exam back in Norway. 

Thomas Hansen - guitar, banjo, vocals
Ilse Lazaroms - tambourine, background vocals

mp3 version -
lossless version -

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