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1972-04-16 - Grateful Dead - Aarhus Univesitet Stakladen, DK

Grateful Dead - Aarhus University, Stakladen, DK - 1972-04-16
[soundboard recording]

Set 1: SBD>Rm>?>Cass>Sound Forge>SHN
Set 2: SBD>Rm>Dat>Sonic Solutions>CD>EAC>Samplitude>flac->mp3

-Set 1-
cd1t01 - Greatest Story Ever Told
cd1t02 - Sugaree
cd1t03 - Chinatown Shuffle
cd1t04 - Black Throated Wind
cd1t05 - Tennessee Jed
MISSING Mr. Charlie
MISSING Beat It On Down The Line
cd1t06 - China Cat Sunflower ->
cd1t07 - I Know You Rider
cd1t08 - Mexicali Blues
cd1t09 - Loser
MISSING Next Time You See Me
cd1t10 - Playin' In The Band

-Set 2-
cd2t01 - Good Lovin'
cd2t02 - Cumberland Blues
cd2t03 - El Paso
cd2t04 - Deal
cd3t01 - Truckin ->
cd3t02 - The Other One Jam ->
cd3t03 - Me & My Uncle ->
cd3t04 - The Other One ->
cd3t05 - Not Fade Away ->
cd3t06 - Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad ->
cd3t07 - Not Fade Away

--Beginning of Greatest Story is clipped; perhaps a minute missing
--First few notes of China Cat clipped
--Splice @ 0:58 in I Know You Rider
--I Know You Rider cuts out; several minutes missing
--First few notes of Mexicali clipped
--Playin cuts in during the minor key jam, at least 5 minutes are missing
--Samplitude v6.0 was used to re-track set 2 and to remove numerous cuts in the 2nd NFA with crossfades
--This can fit onto 2 discs by putting Good Lovin' on the end of set 1
--The shn from set 1 had a SBE on gd72-04-16d1t10.shn. I fixed it with shntool and made a new md5 for the track
--Thanks to Walter Schnell for providing the first set source

Set 2 Conversion and Editing By Charlie Miller
charliemiller87@earthlink.net 6/12/03

mp3 version - https://www.adrive.com/public/weftgN/gratefuldead-1972-04-16-aarhus-mp3-.rar

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