Wednesday, 3 February 2016

1989-05-17 - Crime & the City Solution - Copenhagen Barbue, DK

Crime and the City Solution - Copenhagen Barbue, DK - 1989-05-17
[audience recording]

source: sony ecm-s22
0->sony tcd-d3
Transfer: Cass->Nakamichi DR-1> TASCAM CD-RW 700 >EAC >cdwav>flac

01. All Must Be Love
02. The Greater Head
03. The Shadow Of No Man
04. On Every Train (Grain Will Bear Grain)
05. Keepsake
06. Angel
07. Stone
08. Hunter
09. The Bride Ship - Free World
10. The Dangling Man
11. Three-Four
12. New World
13. Steal To The Sea

note: thanks to the orginal taper K.
line-up: Simon Bonney (vocals)/ Bronwyn Adams (violin)/ Alex Hacke (guitar)/ Thomas Stern (bass)/ Chrislo Haas (analog synthesiser)/ and Mick Harvey (drums).

mp3 version -

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