Thursday, 5 October 2017

2017-09-26 - How Do I - Copenhagen Barbue, DK


How Do I - Copenhagen Barbue, DK - 2017-09-23
[a Kim G. Hansen soundboard recording]

Recording made by Kim G. Hansen

Source: sbd->wav
Transfer: wav->cep->cdwav->flac

01. Day
02. I'll Be You
03. You Know Nothing
04. Go There
05. Knowing Me, Knowing You (ABBA)
06. Did You Sleep
07. Anything
08. You and the Moon
09. She's a Wonder

Tak til How Do I for tilladelse til at dele og til Kim G. Hansen for optagelsen.

NB! Reunion concert at the legendary Barbue !

mp3 version -
flac version -

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