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1985-10-17 - Tears for Fears - Copenhagen Saga, DK


Tears for Fears - Copenhagen Saga, DK - 1985-10-17
[audience recording]

Source: Unknown->cassette->??->cassette
Transfer: Cassette->sherwood hx-pro (azimuth adjusted)>aux->hd->cep->cdwav->mp3

01. Intro - Listen (studio recording played over p.a. while the band took the stage)
02. Mothers Talk
03. Broken
04. Head Over Heels
05. Pale Shelter
06. Memories Fade
07. Start Of The Breakdown
08. The Prisoner
09. I Believe
10. The Working Hour
11. Mad World
12. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
13. The Hurting
14. Shout
15. Suffer The Children

The Band: 
Roland Orzabal (guitar and vocal)
Curt Smith (bass and vocal)
Manny Elias (drums)
Ian Stanley (keyboards, backing vocals)
William Gregory (sax)
Nicky Holland (keyboards, backing vocals)
Andy Sanders (guitar, backing vocals)

NB! This is NOT hi-fi - It is a very rough recording -> for die hard fans & collectors !

This is a tape from 'The Schilling Box of Tapes'.
In 2006 I got a box of tapes from another danish trader, the box
had been stored in his basement since the late 80's.
According to the trader all tapes are 1st or 2nd generation.
No information about equipment or lineage.
Most of the shows are UK new wave.

mp3 version -
lossless version -

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