Honecker's Vaullt

Carsten "Honecker" Mandelberg was an iconic danish taper - He started taping way back in 1980, he did the right thing; He bought the best mics and recorder of that time, and started out making great tapes right away.

I got in contact with Carsten back in 2017, and had several great meetings with him. It was alway music that was the center of the coversations, and it was nice to share "taper-stories" with him. We made this pact that we shoukl release all of his great masters to the world, Carsten did the transfers, and I did the bittorrent stuff and hosted the shows on this blog.

Honecker is not with us anymore, he past away in march - leaving behind a great legacy of fantastic recordings. Carsten left his cassette collection to me, and I will get the last of his masters out in his honor.

I know Carsten will find peace up in the sky - watching and taping heavenly shows with his favourites from Hank to Hendrix ... R.I.P.



A Flock of Seagulls
1983.05.11  Copenhagen Odd Fellow Palæet, DK

Alarm, The

1984.05.23  Copenhagen Saga, DK

Andersen, Eric
1992.11.05 - Copenhagen Kafe Rust, DK

Armatrading, Joan
1983.05.25 - Copenhagen Falconer Teatret, DK

Bird, Andrew
2012-11-19  Copenhagen Amager Bio, DK

Dream Syndicate
1987.97.05 - Roskilde Festival, DK

Dr. John

Dylan Project, The
2001.07.01  Skagen Festival, DK (pre-fm + audience)

Earle, Steve (& the Dukes)
1997.11.06 - Copenhagen Pumpehuset, DK
2004.11.28 - Copenhagen Pumpehuset, DK  

Ebba Grön

1982.07.03  Roskilde Festival, DK

Fairport Convention

2002.10.29  Rødovre Viften, DK

Fugs, The

1984.11.05  Copenhagen Betty Nansen Teatret, DK


1988.10.10  Copenhagen Montmatre, DK

Green On Red

1987.04.12  Copenhagen Montmatre, DK


1988.10.10  Copenhagen Montmatre, DK

Harris, Emmylou

Hummingbirds, The

Ian, Janis

Johnson, Linton Kwesi


Triffids, The

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