Mailman's Tapes

The Mailman is a legendary danish taper - Who started taping way back in the 80's, many of his masters have been shared, but not all - He's been kind enough to let me borrow some of the original tapes, and agreed to let me torrent some of his work. He has taped in most of the Copenhagen venues, and was specialized in alternative rock, punk, art rock and dark rock.

Afghan Whigs
1992.08.26 - Copenhagen Barbue, DK

Alive With Worms
1994.09.22  Copenhagen Loppen, DK

Band of Susans

1991.06.02 - Copenhagen Loppen, DK 
1993.10.07 - Copenhagen Loppen, DK


1987.10.03  Copenhagen Pilestræde, DK


1996.09.06 - Copenhagen Music Cafe'en, DK
1996.12.26 - Copenhagen Vega, DK

Chesnutt, Vic
1997.01.22 - Copenhagen Lille Vega, DK

Chilton, Alex

1988.02.20 - Copenhagen Barbue, DK


Forster, Robert (Go-Betweens)
1994.09.09  Copenhagen Loppen, DK

Soundtrack of Our Lives
1997.01.31  Copenhagen Kafe Rust, DK

Swans, The

1995.09.16  Copenhagen Loppen, DK

Trains & Boats & Planes
1991.09.13  Copenhagen Huset Music Cafe, DK

Vega, Alan

1993.11.06  Copenhagen Loppen, DK

Uncle Tupelo

1993.09.05  Copenhagen Kafe Rust, DK 


1996.08.31  Copenhagen Den Grå Hal, DK

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