I'm always looking for new/old recordings of concerts recorded in Denmark ... Please let me know if you have anything ... It could be Your own recordings, something you have received, demos, something taped from the radio ... you name it ... try me :-)

Ticket stubs - Have You saved Your old concert ticket - If I'm missing one - scan og take a picture of it - and send it :-)

Original setlists - did you get one that fit anything posted - send me a copy or a scan.

Photos - Did you take a photo that captures the live performance of anything posted - send it to me and I will use it on the blog - and credit you :-)

Videoclips - Do you have a clip of anything posted and that could be interesting - Maybe You are not happy with it or the sound is bad/distorted - send it - maybe I can use it and/or upgrade the sound ...

send it by mail to - twillerj@gmail.com - if the file is bigger use wetransfer.com - its easy :-)


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