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1976-07-30 - Fairport Convention - Aarhus Stakladen, DK

Fairport Convention - Aarhus Stakladen, DK - 1976-07-30
[Audeince Recording]

Source: Unknown Mic -> Unknown recorder
Transfer: Casette -> Ana2 -> beocenter 9000 -> sony pcm-a1 -> audition -> cdwav -> flac
From: Carsten "Honeckers" Mandelbergs Archives

01. Intro
02. Dirty Linen
03. When First Into This Country
04. Now to be Thankful
05. The Hexhamshire Lass
06. The Last Tango in Arhaus (Bob Brady)
07. Instrumental (Dan Ar Braz) - knas sidst -
08. The Hens March through the Midden & The Four Poster Bed
09. The Limeys Lament
10. The Brilliancy Medley & Cherokee Shuffle
11. Instrumental (fades)
12. Sloth
13. Instrumental

NB! A rare part of the band’s history.  This is the short-lived version of Fairport (when they just went by that abbreviated name), which only lasted 6 months and performed a small number of gigs. 

Dave Swarbrick: vocals, violin, mandolin, autoharp
Dave Pegg: bass, mandolin, vocals
Bruce Rowland: drums
Dan Ar Braz: guitars, vocals
Roger Burridge: violin, mandolin
Bob Brady: piano, vocals

Mp3 version -

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